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Ocean alkalization happens over millions of years as rain weathers rocks and alkaline molecules flow to the sea. Once this alkalinity is in the ocean, a series of chemical reactions help regulate the chemistry of the ocean and draw down CO2 from the air. Much like alkalinity is extracted from rocks, it can also be extracted from seawater, in a fraction of the time, using electrochemistry.

Inspired by nature
Ocean alkalization

Ocean deacidification

The alkalinity we return to the ocean acts like an antacid, lowering ocean acidity locally

Permanent CO2 storage

Bicarbonate naturally resides in the ocean and can store carbon dioxide for 10,000+ years

Additional carbon removal 

As CO2 in sea water is converted to bicarbonate, the ocean pulls down more CO2 from the air


We use electrochemistry to remove acidity from seawater. We then return the remaining alkaline seawater to the ocean where it mimics the natural alkalization process, resulting in:

Capturing carbon dioxide as bicarbonate

The acid we remove from the ocean can be used for many beneficial purposes. Applying it to certain rocks can draw down additional CO2 while isolating valuable minerals used in electric vehicle batteries. It can also reduce the environmental impact of highly alkaline waste materials like cement and concrete.

Low-carbon acid that works for the planet
Low carbon acid

Our Approach

We measure and monitor the pH level and volume of the alkalinity we produce in real time using sensors and software. We use this data to safely release alkalinity at levels within the ocean’s natural pH variance and to measure and verify the amount of carbon dioxide we remove.

Safe and measurable CO2 removal 
Safe and measurable

Our technology is built with modular, prefabricated elements that easily integrate with existing salt water processing facilities. Our systems are customizable, and our process can help improve the quality of the water returning to the ocean.

Quick to build and deploy
Quick to build and deploy

Ebb works with aquaculture farms, desalination plants, ocean research labs, and other industrial sites that process seawater.


Electrochemical ocean alkalinity enhancement

Using seawater and low-carbon electricity, Ebb Carbon can remove gigatons of CO2 permanently at competitive costs. Take a step-by-step walkthrough of how our solution works.

How we do it
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