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Ebb Carbon: Turning the tide on climate change

Turning the tide on climate change

The ocean is one of the largest carbon sinks on the planet. But, rising levels of CO2 in the air are changing our climate and making seawater more acidic—putting marine life and coastal communities at risk. Climate change endangers the ocean, but within its depths lies a solution.

Ebb Carbon delivers high quality carbon removal while restoring the ocean

What we do

Ocean-powered carbon removal

The earth regulates the chemistry of the ocean and draws down CO2 from the air through ocean alkalization, a process that happens naturally over millions of years. We use electrochemistry to accelerate this process so atmospheric carbon can be safely removed fast enough to counteract climate change and de-acidify seawater.

Ebb Carbon: Durable

We help the ocean store excess carbon dioxide from the air as bicarbonate in the ocean for 10,000+ years. 

Ebb Carbon: Restorative

Our solution reduces the acidity of seawater, which can benefit marine life like shellfish and coral reefs.

Ebb Carbon: Scalable

The vast surface area of the ocean can remove gigatons of CO2 from the air every year.

Cost Competitive
Ebb Carbon: Cost Competitive

Our carbon removal credits will cost less than $100 per ton of CO2 by 2028.

Ebb Carbon: 100% Additonal

The carbon we remove is 100% additional, meaning the CO2 reduction would not have occurred without our solution. 

How Ebb works

Remaining alkaline seawater returns to the ocean, lowering its acidity and removing CO2 from the air

Our system integrates with existing facilities that process seawater

Electrochemistry is used to remove acidity from seawater 

Our advantages


Partner with us

We are partnering with businesses, government agencies, communities, leading scientists, philanthropies, and other partners to thoughtfully deploy this ocean-based climate solution together.

Congruent Ventures
Evok Innovations
Granthan Environmental Trust Neglected Climate Opportunities
Ocean Visions
Prelude Ventures

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