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We boost the ocean’s natural chemical processes to safely store excess carbon dioxide from the air as bicarbonate – the ocean’s most abundant form of natural carbon storage – for 10,000+ years.


Our approach uses the ocean's vast surface area to capture and store carbon dioxide, and our technology is built with modular, pre-fabricated elements that easily scale.


We help heal the ocean and clean the atmosphere by removing excess acid from the ocean caused by human emissions.


By harnessing the ocean’s natural process for storing CO2, our system is less energy-intensive and lower cost at scale than comparable forms of carbon removal.


Ebb Carbon

Unlocking the ocean's power to solve climate change


We enhance the ocean’s ability to capture carbon dioxide from the air while reducing ocean acidity through electrochemistry



Matthew Eisaman has spent the last decade developing technologies that capture CO2 from the air using the natural ocean-atmosphere equilibrium. He is an Associate Professor at Stony Brook University, received an A.B. in physics from Princeton, and a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard. Matt was a member of the research staff at Xerox PARC from 2008-2011, and a physicist at Brookhaven National Lab from 2011-2014. Since 2014, Matt has served as a technical advisor at X, The Moonshot Factory (formerly Google X). 

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Matthew Eisaman

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Hegeman spent nearly a decade at Tesla designing manufacturing processes to scale the battery packs for the Model S, X and 3 vehicles. Prior to that, Dave worked as a Marine Engineer for MariPro (L3) designing and installing sub-sea systems for communications and monitoring devices. Dave co-founded Manufactory, sailed as a United States Merchant Marine and received a BS degree in Marine Engineering and in Mechanical Engineering from the California Maritime Academy.

Dave Hegeman Headshot.jpg

Dave Hegeman

Vice President of Engineering

Todd Pelman has expertise with advancing novel technologies to market for customers like Google, X, Arris Composites, Humane, Tesla, and Xerox Parc. He co-founded Manufactory, an engineering services firm, and Blue Green Pacific, a company producing residential wind turbines. Before that Todd worked for IDEO, where he successfully led multiple products from concept to manufacturing. Todd sailed as an Engineering Officer in the US Merchant Marines and received two BS degrees in Marine Engineering and in Mechanical Engineering from the California Maritime Academy.

Todd Pelman Headshot.jpg

Todd Pelman

Chief Engineer

Ben Tarbell previously led the team launching new climate technologies at Google X. He was the VP of Products at SolarCity, was responsible for the launch and development of Mosaic's residential solar loan program, and led the sustainable design practice at IDEO. He is a Venture Partner at AiiM Partners and is on the investment advisory committee of PowerHouse Fund. Ben has degrees in engineering and business from Stanford and Cornell.

Ben Tarbell headshot.jpg

Ben Tarbell

Chief Executive Officer



Join us on our quest to turn the tide on climate change and heal the ocean. We’re always looking for talented people to join our team, so if there’s not an open role that fits the bill, drop us a line and we'll keep you in mind as our team continues to grow.




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