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Ebb Carbon and Ocean Visions the focus of the Carbon Removal Newsroom Podcast

Ebb CEO Ben Tarbell and VP Engineering Dave Hegeman in action
Ebb CEO Ben Tarbell and VP Engineering Dave Hegeman in action

On last week's Carbon Removal Newsroom podcast, our CEO Ben Tarbell joined a panel of guests from Ocean Visions Launchpad program to discuss ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Ben discusses the differences between ocean-based carbon removal and direct air capture and how the $100M XPRIZE for Carbon Removal can accelerate the innovation and scale needed to draw down gigatons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere to limit planetary warming.

Other participants on the podcast include Nikhil Neelakantan of Ocean Visions, Susan Su of Toba Capital, Dr. Franziska Elmer of Seafields, and host Radhika Moolgavkar of Nori.

About Ocean Visions Launchpad

In February 2022, Ocean Visions selected six companies - Ebb Carbon, Phykos, Captura, Seafields, Running Tide, and Trofx - as part of its Launchpad program to support in their quest for the XPRIZE. Participants in Launchpad benefit from specialized expertise and resources to accelerate the development of ocean-powered carbon removal. Learn more about Ocean Visions and Launchpad here.


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